Health Resorts

Health Resorts

Day 1:

Arrival to Wrocław. Transfer from the airport to a hotel. A short walk around the Old Town with a view towards the Cathedral Island.


Day 2:

Przerzeczyn Zdrój – a short break at the smallest spa in Poland. Miedzygórze – visit to the popular resort in the Sudety Mountains, famous of the unique wooden architecture from the 19-th century. Lądek Zdrój - the oldest health resort in Silesia, famous of its springs of warm water containing radon: a break with a walking tour in the spa.


Day 3:

Polanica Zdrój: a visit to the drinking hall, a walking tour around the spa and the large park. Duszniki Zdrój - the health resort, where F. Chopin gave a concert in 1826: the Museum of Papermaking (placed in an original wooden building of the former water mill from the 17-th century) or a short walk around the spa with an opportunity to see the house where Chopin gave his concert, two monuments of Chopin, the park and a visit to the drinking hall. Kudowa Zdrój: a visit to the Skull Chapel in Czermna, walking through the large spa park, a visit to the drinking hall.


Day 4:

Jedlina Zdrój - a short break in the forgotten (in the past very popular) but beautifully located spa in the middle part of the Sudety Mountains). Views of Wałbrzych (the largest city in the Sudety Mountains, one of the most beautifully located, till 1990-th an important coal mining centre) from the coach – among others a former spa Stary Zdrój. Szczawno Zdrój: a walk around the spa park, the drinking hall, the birthplace and the house of childhood of Gerhard and Karl Hauptman (the famous German writers), Henryk Wieniawski’s (a famous Polish composer) house, the Spa House (former Grand Hotel – the most magnificent building in Szczawno). Sokołowsko (in the past a very famous health resort, called Silesian Davos) - a short walk through the spa, a visit to the orthodox church.


Day 5:

Jelenia Góra – Cieplice (one of the oldest health resorts in Poland, famous of its springs of warm water): the former Schaffgotschs’ palace, the spa park, the Norwegian Park and the Nature Museum. Świeradów Zdrój (a picturesque spa in the Iser Mountains): a walking tour around the spa (among others a visit to the drinking hall with the largest walking hall in Poland ), it is possible also to reach the summit of Stóg Izerski (1107 m above sea level) with the cable car.


Day 6:

Trzebnica: the Basilica of St. Hedwig and St. Bartholomew with the tombs of St. Hedwig of Silesia and her husband Duke Henry I, the Church of the14 Auxiliary Saints, the former health resort. Transfer to Wrocław.


Day 7:

It is possible to make a short tour around the historic city centre of Wrocław. Transfer to Wrocław Airport.