Monasteries and Sanctuaries

Monasteries and Sanctuaries


Day 1:

Arrival to Wrocław. Transfer from the airport to a hotel. A short walk around the Old Town with a view towards the Cathedral Island.


Day 2:

Wrocław – a walking tour around one of the most picturesque cities in Poland: Cathedral Island (the oldest district of Wrocław) with the Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Sand Island with the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, the former Augustinian monastery and a picturesque boulevard on the bank of the Odra River; the Old Town: the Baroque building of the Ossolineum Institute (in the past one of the largest monasteries), the University with the ceremonial hall Aula Leopoldina and the Church of Holy Name of Jesus (this ensemble belonged in the past to Jesuit order), the former Premonstratensian monastery, St. Adalbert Church (belongs to Dominicans) with relics of Blessed Czesław Odrowąż and the miraculous icon of St. Mary from Podkamień (before the World War II the second important Polish sanctuary), the former Bernardinian monastery (now the Museum of Architecture).


Day 3:

Trzebnica: the Basilica of St. Hedwig and St. Bartholomew (one of the oldest churches in Silesia) with the tombs of St. Hedwig of Silesia and her husband Duke Henry I, the Baroque ensemble of former Cistercian nunnery, the Church of 14 Auxiliary Saints with a former hermit’s hut and the Stations of the Way of the Cross in the wood out of the town. Lubiąż: the huge ensemle of former Cistercian monastery (the largest ensemble of this kind in Poland and one of the largest in Europe) – the interior was destroyed by the Soviet Army, now is partly renovated and open for visitors. Legnickie Pole: the Baroque Church of St. Hedwig and the Museum of the Battle of Legnica (in this battle Duke Henry II the Pious, who commanded the joined Polish and German Forces, was killed by Tatars).


Day 4:

Legnica: St. John Church with the Mausoleum of Piasts, the former Jesuit monastery, the Cathedral, the Dukes’ Castle, the Market Square. Krzeszów: the famous shrine of St. Mary and the former Cistercian abbey – the Basilica of Our Lady is a pearl of Baroque art, the located nearby St. Josef Church is famous of wall paintings by M. Willman.


Day 5:

Wambierzyce, called often Silesian Jerusalem: a visit to the shrine of St. Mary – the Basilica with the miraculous medieval wooden statue of Virgin Mary, the largest ensemble of the Way of the Cross stands and chapels with various scenes from the Bible (altogether 135 stands and chapels), the mechanical Christ Child’s creche from the 19-th century, made of wood, one of the oldest and most magnificent in Europe. Stary Wielisław: St. Cathrine Church with a miraculous statue of Virgin Mary and relics of the Holy Cross, cloisters with valuable wall paintings on the wall surrounding the church. Kłodzko: the Church of St. Mary with valuable sculptures by Michael Klahr, the ensemble of Jesuit monastery, the Franciscan church and monastery with wonderful paintings by F. A. Scheffler, view terraces of the fortress (panorama of the town and the Kłodzko Valley).


Day 6:

Bardo: the miraculous wooden statue of Virgin Mary from the 13-th century (the oldest one in Poland), the Museum of Sacral Art, a mechanical creche, chapels-stations of the Way of the Cross on the slope of Calvaria Hill and a stunning view of the Nysa River Valley. Kamieniec Ząbkowicki: ruins of a former Cistercian monastery, the Gothic Cistercian Church of St. Mary with valuable wooden Baroque sculptures, a view towards the large Romantic castle of Princess Marianne of Orange. Nysa: the Baroque ensemble of former Jesuit school and monastery, the former palace of bishops of Wrocław, the Gothic St. James’s Church, called sometimes the Cathedral (inside there is the tomb of Blessed Mary Merkert, who founded the order of the nuns of St. Elizabeth).


Day 7:

Henryków: the Baroque ensemble of the Cistercian monastery (one of the most precious in Silesia) with the Gothic church, the interior of the church is rich of Baroque sculptures and paintings – for example the famous choir stalls of Henryków. Transfer to Wrocław Airport.