Castles and Palaces

Castles and Palaces


Day 1:

Arrival to Wrocław. Transfer from the airport to a hotel. A short walk around the Old Town with a view towards the Cathedral Island.


Day 2:

Oleśnica Mała: the palace that belonged to the family York von Wartenburg, the family’s mausoleum and park, the church of St. Laurence (the former palace’s chapel). Brzeg: the unique castle with the Museum of  Dukes of Piasts Dynasty (Brzeg-Legnica branch of the dynasty) - a pearl of Renaissance architecture, compared to Wawel in Cracow, the Church of the Holy Cross with very valuable wall paintings, a short walk around the Old Town. Kamieniec Ząbkowicki: the huge castle from the 19-th century that belonged to princess Marianne of Orange from the Netherlands (the most magnificent building of this period in Silesia).


 Day 3:

Bożków: a short break in order to see the palace that belonged to the family von Magnis (in the past one of the most beautiful residences in Silesia, now unfortunately neglected). Grodno: ruins of one of the castle built by  Dukes of Piast family, from the castle’s tower you will admire a picturesque view of Bystrzyca River Valley and the water reservoir Jezioro Bystrzyckie. Książ (the largest castle in Silesia, 3rd largest in Poland, former residence of  Dukes of Piasts Dynasty, from the 16-th century till the World War II it was a property of the German family Hochberg). A visit to the stud farm.


Day 4:

Castles and palaces in so-called Kings’ Valley in the district of Jelenia Góra: Mysłakowice (the former summer residence of king of Prussia Frederick William III), Bukowiec (the park, palace and remains of some other buildings at the former property of Friderika von Reden), the castle in Karpniki (in the past it was the summer residence of prince William – brother of king Frederick William III), palaces with parks in Łomnica, Wojanów and Bobrów. Jelenia Góra – Cieplice: the former palace of Schaffgotschs’ family (now building of the University of Technology), time for a short rest in the spa.


Day 5:

Transfer to Jelenia Góra – Sobieszów: hiking to Chojnik (the hill with the height of 627 m above sea level) and visiting, located on the summit, ruins of the castle that belonged to Schaffgotschs’ family (from the tower, if the weather is fine, you will admire a view of the Giant Mountains, the Jelenia Góra Valley and the whole western part of the Sudety Mountains). Czocha Castle – one of the most picturesque castles in Poland: mysterious interior, a beautiful view from the tower.


Day 6:

Siedlęcin: the unique knights’ tower with valuable medieval wall paintings inside. Grodziec – the castle on the top of an extinct volcano: if the weather is fine, you will see a beautiful view of the Sudety Mountains and the Silesian Lowlands from the castle’s tower. Warmątowice Sienkiewiczowskie: the former palace of the family von Olszewski (the property was going to be given to the famous Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz). Krobielowice: the former residence of Marshal von Blücher (the famous Prussian commander who fought against Napoleon).


Day 7:

Wojnowice: the so-called Palace on the Water (a former defensive structure converted into residence). Wrocław – Leśnica: the castle that used to serve as a defensive structure, later transformed into a splendid baroque residence, the palace’s park, the monument of St. John of Nepomuk. Transfer to Wrocław Airport.